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    pathological changes. Rigor mortis is well expressed, moderate swelling, mucous membranes are anemic, the anus area is stained with feces.

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    At autopsy, a reddish exudate was found in the abdominal and chest cavities, as well as in the heart shirt.

  • Cardiac muscle is flabby, occasionally with hemorrhages on the endocarde. The lungs are edematous, the kidneys are hyperemic, the liver is filled with blood, in some cases, petechial hemorrhages under the capsule.

  • In order to prevent anaerobic dysentery of lambs, a polyvalent concentrated aluminum hydroxide vaccine against bradzot, infectious enterotoxemia, malignant edema of sheep and anaerobic dysentery of lambs or a polyanatoxin against clostridish sheep is used.

  • Polyvalent vaccine is administered twice with an interval of 14...20 days for 1...1.5 months before lambing.

For the specific prevention of anaerobic dysentery in lambs, in addition to vaccines, hyperimmune serum is also used. Serum is produced by the biological industry with an indication of activity in antitoxic units (AU). To prevent the death of animals when cases of dysentery appear in the flock, serum is administered to all lambs no later than 1 ... 2 hours after birth, subcutaneously at a dose of 50 ... 100 AU. Antitoxic serum is highly effective and, if administered in a timely manner, completely protects the lambs from the disease.

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Such terms of treatments are due to the insufficient duration of immunity in animals vaccinated with this drug. Vaccination of breeding stock during this period is undesirable.

Control questions and tasks. 1. Give the Latin names of Atenolol agents of anthrax, tetanus, botulism, emphysematous carbuncle, malignant edema, sheep bradzot, infectious anaerobic enterotoxemia. 2. What are the general properties of pathogenic ans coffins? 3. Describe the causative agents of anthrax, tetanus, botulism, emphysematous carbuncle, malignant edema, sheep bradzot, infectious anaerobic enterotoxemia' according to their main properties (causative agent name, morphological, cultural, biochemical, antigenic, toxigenic, pathogenic and ecological properties).

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Polyvalent toxoid has more pronounced immunogenic properties. The drug is administered intramuscularly twice with an interval of 20 ... 30 days so that the second vaccination is carried out 6 weeks before lambing.

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Sheep are susceptible to infectious enterotoxemia, other animals (cattle, goats, horses, pigs, camels, wild animals) also get sick. Of the laboratory animals, guinea pigs, white mice and young cats are the most susceptible, while rabbits and rats are less susceptible. Enterotoxemia affects 1-6 month old lambs on pasture. Sheep of 10-12 months of age also get sick with it. Sick often sedentary, well-fed animals, as well as sheep breeds, improved, fast-growing.